Disassembly, Dismas and Ditch Blades

During a Saturday and Sunday spend mostly at home while visiting with with Charles, Christine and Jacob, I introduced my cousin to an old passtime from my childhood. Disassembling items (mostly toys) to salvage from or tinker with them.

The doctor is about to operate.

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Exploring Hartford VT

While staying with my aunt and uncle, Charles and Christine in Hartland, I also had several chances to explore Hartford and the White River Junction area.

The Upper Valley Food Co-op is Christine’s day job as an education and outreach coordinator, where she also suggested I could try some volunteer work.

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Sailing in Casco Bay ME

A terrific day of sailing in Casco Bay Maine, with Captain Stuart, grandparents Jeanne and Peter, uncles Amer and Charles, cousins Jacob and Joy, totaling six adults plus two kids on a 30 foot sailboat.

The waters were a bit choppy and I soon discovered the importance for me of staying above deck and in view of the horizon to avoid nausea. But what a view, as an overcast morning breaks into blue skies just after noon.

Clouds passing over Maine and the Atlantic sea.

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Visit to Hartland VT

This last September I took up the generous offer from my aunt and uncle, Charles Jeffries and Christine Jacobson, to visit with them at Side Track Farm in Hartland, Vermont for a few weeks, which were filled with many wonderful new experiences and a much needed change of pace.

(The photo album of my vacation is divided into several separate posts to keep things more organized, this one is the first in a series of five.)

Train Passing Hartland House

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Faulkner Gathering Blog

Faulkner Reunion 2014 Group Shot
2014 Faulkner Reunion in Acton, Ma

Click image for larger version.
Please submit corrections to Walter Jeffries via email.

Front Row: Abigail Faulkner, Christopher Faulkner, Leena Faulkner, Hope Jeffries, Holly Jeffries, Walter Jeffries, Charlie Faulkner, Peter Faulkner Jeffries, Jeanne Jeffries, Andrea Williams, Pam Jeffries, Ailsa Jeffries.
Second Row: Beth Faulkner, Lucas Faulkner, Emily Faulkner, Beth Pritchard, Bob Farrington, Molly Farrington, Ariel Phillips, Rachael Cooper with Phillip Jeffries, Heather Whitney, Madeline Cooper, Nica Faulkner, Julia Burdick, Charlotte Faulkner, Tad Faulkner, Nathan Faulkner, Allan Faulkner, Sue Morris, Michael Glenn, Linda Jeffries, (2 unknown children), Emily Wright.
Back Row: Mary Jo Mooers, Chuck Pritchard, Elizabeth F. Pritchard, Mary Jean Faulkner, Bill Faulkner, Scott Faulkner, Liam Faulkner, Ben Jeffries, Jean Jeffries, Will Jeffries, Gwyn Jones, Will Jeffries, Thomas Jeffries, Joe Muscato, Julia Jeffries, Gavin Faulkner, John Morris, Ned Jeffries, Peter S Jeffries, Unknown Man (Mr. Wright?).

Welcome to the Faulkner Gathering blog!

See the Introductions page for general information.

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