Faulkner Gathering Information


Date for this coming year is set as Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Mark your calendars!

The Faulkner Gathering is now to be held the 3rd Saturday of August.

Greets start around noon. Eats at 1 pm.
  August 19, 2017 Acton, MA
  August 18, 2018 Stoddard, NH???
  August 17, 2019
Hope to see you there!

Food is Pot-Luck:

Meats will be roasting on the fire typically including pork from Sugar Mountain Farm, roast beast, lox and turkey.
Soda and water are provided – BYOB if you want something stronger.
Bring salads, appetizers, breads, side dishes, deserts, etc.

Things to bring:

Kids games & amusements.
Lawn chairs & tray tables if you like.
Stories and pictures about Family History.
    There will be photo display space and possibly recording for stories.


#5 High Street, Acton Mass just off of Main Street.
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Primary Reunion Organizing Contacts:
 Heather Whitney
 Stephen Jeffries
 Walter Jeffries

Past Photos:

Faulkner Reunion 2013 Group Shot by Walter Jeffries
2013 Faulkner Reunion Group Photo
Click image for larger version.

(Email me yours if you would like to have them here or send me a link to your page of photos – see below.)

2003 Faulkner Reunion Photos by Walter Jeffries.


Do you have ideas for what might improve these pages? Email us to let us know what you would like to see on this web site! What would you find useful? A family directory? Other thoughts?

Faulkner Clan 2015
Click for Big Picture

Faulkner Reunion 2004 Panarama

2004 Reunion Panaramic photo composite

Web Site by Walter Jeffries of Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont Copyleft 2005 to eternity and beyond…

3 Responses to Introduction

  1. Bill_Faulkner says:

    Thank you for setting up this blog. I have read other blogs, but never participated in one. I’m not sure even where and how this comment will show up! It should be an interesting experience and I hope all our “Gathering” folk take advantage of it!
    3 questions:
    1) Under “Meta”, what does “RSS” refer to?
    2) How does one post pictures?
    3) I’m totally unfamiliar with HTML – can you give me a reference on the syntax of the tags and attributes listed as usable for the comment block?

    I have not forgotten that I am supposed to send you (and Anne Forbes) copies of the “Faulkner Family Association” material that I had at the reunion. I want to add more pictures to it and will get to it when things slow down later this fall!!

    Everyone else:
    Mary Jean and I are headed for Florida for two weeks, leaving tomorrow (the 18th). If any posts are directed my way, it will be awhile before I can get back on them!

    Does anyone have Rita Kingsbury’s address and phone number??

    The information on future Faulkner Gatherings seems to indicate that they will continue to be at the Faulkner Homestead in Acton. Is this true, Heather?

    • WalterJeffriesVT says:

      RSS is a type of news feed that some people use. I don’t so I can’t give you a lot of details. See the Wiki page for RSS for deep details.

      I’ll be setting it up so you and others in the family can post pictures and articles. As soon as I have that ready I’ll send people who have signed up an email as well as announcing it on the blog.

      You don’t need to worry about learning HTML, unless you would like to, because the article editor has buttons you can use for italics, bold, etc. Keep it simple. You can learn about HTML at the Wiki page for HTML as well as many articles on the web about how to learn HTML if you’re interested. But it isn’t necessary for comments or even articles.

  2. Heather Whitney says:

    So this is how one blogs. Can check this off the list. I would love to see pictures of our Elders with family. We wouldn’t be here without our parents and other generations before them. Please if you have some, bring them. If someone brings a good camera we could get snapshots of the photos. Write their names on the back. We have been digitizing our Dad’s Kodak and Kodachrome. It is a real treat. If you are seeing my post and you did not get my email earlier today, please send me an email to

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