Visit to Hartland VT

This last September I took up the generous offer from my aunt and uncle, Charles Jeffries and Christine Jacobson, to visit with them at Side Track Farm in Hartland, Vermont for a few weeks, which were filled with many wonderful new experiences and a much needed change of pace.

(The photo album of my vacation is divided into several separate posts to keep things more organized, this one is the first in a series of five.)

Train Passing Hartland House

Charles and Christine’s farm was named partly for it’s proximity to the train tracks. This took a little bit of getting used to, but after the first few nights in Hartland I became so accustomed to it’s nightly travels that I tended to sleep right though it.

Arriving and settling in to my new room on the second floor.

Surveying the layout.

Great old leather chair by the window.

Welcomed by a pair of curious feline neighbors.

A separate kitchen of my own.

Watching the school-bus collect my cousin Jacob.

The summer gardens and animal paddocks of Side Track Farm

Goats enjoying a treat of fresh corn stalks

Charles returning a doe to it’s paddock after milking

Jacob on the farm


Charles using a Broadfork

Jacob provides some extra weight

Loosening the soil for digging potatoes

Kimsa greeting

Another familiar face in Hartland was Kimsa, who started life as a puppy from my own family’s canine clan, before moving here to become Charles and Christine’s constant companion.

Kimsa poised before grape vines

Kimsa leading the way up to the gardens

During the first day at Hartland, we also visited River View Farm, just over the border in Plainfield New-Hampshire.

Running a corn maze at River View Farm with Jacob.

A piece of the “Bubba Hubbard, Mother Hubbard” theme for the corn maze.

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