Sailing in Casco Bay ME

A terrific day of sailing in Casco Bay Maine, with Captain Stuart, grandparents Jeanne and Peter, uncles Amer and Charles, cousins Jacob and Joy, totaling six adults plus two kids on a 30 foot sailboat.

The waters were a bit choppy and I soon discovered the importance for me of staying above deck and in view of the horizon to avoid nausea. But what a view, as an overcast morning breaks into blue skies just after noon.

Clouds passing over Maine and the Atlantic sea.

The Captain also had us helping to adjust the sails at each turn as we tacked upwind, which added to the experience with a little bit of hands-on work as we cruised through a series of islands in Casco Bay.

Casco Bay Islands

Peter, Amer and Captain Stuart

Jacob and Charles

Jacob looking up from below deck

Grandma Jeanne

Cousin Joy with Grandpa Peter in the background

Much gratitude to Jeanne and Peter for organizing this sailing expedition and thanks to Captain Lyman Stuart, who went above and beyond to make the trip a success.

Later that evening, an excellent seafood dinner at the Ocean Garden restaurant.

(Clockwise from left) Amer, Peter, Jeanne, Jennifer, Charles, Jacob, Joy

A second picture, since I was not able to catch a shot of everyone visible at the same time.

Family portrait from left to right: Joy, Peter, Jacob, Will

Next day, Charles, Jacob and I stopped to visit the freshwater aquarium at an L.L. Bean store while on our way back home to Side Track Farm in Hartland.

Fish-eye view


Bubble Boy

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  1. Jeanne A Jeffries says:

    Nicely organized.

  2. Jeanne A Jeffries says:

    The visit to Maine was a success.

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