Pottery, River Rafting and Goodbyes in Hartland

One of my aunt Christine’s great passions is for making artful ceramics. She has a studio at home and also practices her craft at Earth Star Pottery in Hartland.

Earth Star Studio.

Christine working on a clay bowl.

I came along during one such session to try my hand, rolling out clay, then pressing it into a wooden mold and decorating the inside using stamps, along with various sculpting tools.

My own first attempt.

A beautiful dish made by Christine.

The actual baking process would be happening after I had left, so this day’s focus was on forming the clay and picking out which color of glaze to use.

A shelf at Earth Star, displaying some of Christine’s finished pieces.

Hartland Rapids

The Connecticut river, where Charles brought me for a fun day of white water rafting and kayaking at the Hartland Rapids.

We began the morning by running through some low-level rapids several times on Charles’s twin seat “Cata-Craft”, then switched to individual kayaks and practiced eskimo rolls out in calmer waters.

A placid pool set alongside the more turbulent rapids.

Last dinner together in Hartland.

One final look the next morning. Packed to leave with a few souvenirs.

Returning home had it’s own surprises. While I was gone, much of our farm’s new butcher shop interior had been colored, stained and painted, transforming it from the uniform grey concrete that most of it was when I left.

The painting process is nearly done now and at this point we are just waiting for a bit of humidity to clear away so that we can coat the floors with polyurethane and polyurea. Soon after which, we will be able to reinstall all of the stainless steel furniture that I had completed before leaving on my vacation.

Many thanks to Charles and Christine for letting me stay with them for these past weeks, as well as to Jeanne and Peter, who (in addition to organizing the sailing event in Maine) also hosted me for a memorable day in Walpole. All of these new experiences and places were a wonderful way to begin what feels like new chapter.

I hope to see all of you again.

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