Disassembly, Dismas and Ditch Blades

During a Saturday and Sunday spend mostly at home while visiting with with Charles, Christine and Jacob, I introduced my cousin to an old passtime from my childhood. Disassembling items (mostly toys) to salvage from or tinker with them.

The doctor is about to operate.

All in pieces.

Over the weekend we took apart two old printers and several toys, saving out a few parts like motors, gearboxes, LEDs and a small fan, all of which could be powered by household batteries.

A small printer, intended for making photograph size images.

Getting to the heart of the matter.

Jacob, operating a small motor using a homemade switch made from a cork and paperclip.

Christine, preparing a stir-fry and rice.

An evening spent preparing dinner at Dismas House in Hartford, where Christine does volunteer work from time to time. Very clean, organized and full of encouragement for the residents.

Setting out the evening meal in Dismas House’s dinning room (Christine at right).

A well appreciated supper with residents and administrators

A motorized bike, one of several project undertaken by the residents of Dismas House in Hartford.

Dismas House seen at dusk

A fun experience for me has been to cook in four different kitchens during my trip, two at Charles and Christine’s house, one at Dismas and one at Peter and Jeanne’s home when I visited with them for a day.

Back at Side Track Farm:

Charles teaching me how to use a ditch-blade scythe for clearing weeds away from fence lines.

Goats enjoy trimmed vegetation from practicing with the scythe.

Kimsa “Into The Woods”

Fall foliage beginning to peak at Hartland.

Autumn colors

An afternoon mushroom hunt organized near the Co-op yields a vibrant basket of fungi.

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